tanist (plural tanists)

  1. The heir apparent to a Celtic clan, who will succeed the chief
    • 1922: Lover, for her love he prowled with colonel Richard Burke, tanist of his sept, under the walls of Clerkenwell and, crouching, saw a flame of vengeance hurl them upward in the fog. — James Joyce, Ulysses

6 letters in word "tanist": A I N S T T.

Anagrams of tanist:

Words found within tanist:

ai ain ains ais ait aits an ani anis ant anti antis ants as at att in ins is it ita itas its na nas nat nats nis nit nits sai sain saint san sant sat sati satin si sin sit snit st stain stat stint ta tai tain tains taint tais tait taits tan tans tanti tas tat tatin tats ti tin tins tint tints tis tit titan